The LiquidShield Ready-To-Spray (RTS) Series is the world’s first sprayable paint protection film for single panel, wheel and accessory applications. It allows advanced Do-It-Yourself’ers and Professionals with painting experience to offer paint protection without needing additional training.

LiquidShield RTS products are ready-to-spray one component coatings specifically formulated for plug-n-play use with conventional HVLP spray guns. Its unique sprayable vinyl and top coat technology enables increased application efficiencies.

Superior Finish & Protection

The main purpose of paint protection film is to preserve your paint’s showroom finish by protecting it from rock and road-debris impacts. LiquidShield provides high impact resistance through its superior overall quality and its top coat thickness. Along with its numerous other protection characteristics, it also boasts high UV and chemical resistance, meaning your paint will never fade or stain while being covered with LiquidShield.

LiquidShield’s can be customized per application to provide optimal rock chip resistance through increased thickness thanks to its sprayable application technology.


LiquidShield is free of any adhesives making removal safe for OEM clearcoated paint and metal surfaces. The absence of adhesive also keeps the film from yellowing or discoloring over time.

& Impact

LiquidShield is rated to the highest industry standard (ASTM D3170 SAE J400), showing its exceptional protection characteristics against rocks and road debris.


LiquidShield’s film technology has been tested in standardized QUVA testing up to 3,000 hours without discoloration or yellowing over white surfaces.


LiquidShield is a ultra high clear film, providing exception clarity on all colors and paint finishes such as pearlescent and metallic paints.


LiquidShield is a fully seamless film due to its sprayable technology. Protecting intricate parts and accessories much easier than with traditional vinyl sheets.

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