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Our Spray Ceramic Coating is an advanced solvent-based formula designed to last for 6 to 12 months. This ground-breaking product combines the intense gloss, hydrophobic properties and surface slickness of a ceramic coating with the ease of use of a spray and wipe product. It is the ideal solution for any DIY enthusiast to achieve the best results short of a professional coating installation. This formulation can be used as a stand-alone coating, or to refresh your ceramic coating to restore its hydrophobic and gloss properties. 



250 ml: Includes 1x 250 mL Spray Ceramic Coating Bottle [Coming Soon]

475 ml:  Includes 1x 475 mL Spray Ceramic Coating Bottle 

Kit: Includes 1x 250 mL Ceramic Coating Bottle, 2x Microfiber Cloth, 2x IPA Wipes, 1 x Applicator Sponge, 2x Suede Towelettes and 1x pair of Gloves.  [Coming Soon]


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